Your Middlebrooks Ancestry Draft

family_tree_image2How are you connected to the Middlebrook(s) family? Have you traced your history back to one of the primary Middlebrook(s) ancestors that we have identified? Or maybe your ancestry will lead us to a newly-discovered Middlebrook(s)!

Next steps:

Tell us what you already know, by updating your profile. Simply click on the Edit Account link on the upper right corner of any MFA webpage. Update your “Oldest known Middlebrook(s) ancestor” and “Descendent Line, if known” Contact one of our team leaders from our Contacts page, let them know your ancestry and we can help you find out!

The Middlebrooks Family Trees:

The Middlebrook(s) Family Trees are actually ten separate trees, each with a different patriarch Middlebrook. These are:

  • Joseph b. 1610 England (Under Construction)
  • Isaac b. 1753 NC (Under Construction)
  • John b. 1754 NC (Under Construction)
  • John b 1755 NC (Under Construction)
  • Micajah b. 1758 NC (Under Construction)
  • Sims b. 1762 NC (Under Construction)
  • Thomas b. 1763 NC (Under Construction)
  • Nathaniel b 1764 VA (Under Construction)
  • Robert b. 1766 NC (Under Construction)
  • Joseph b. 1770/73 NC?        <—————————– Click over there for sample!
  • Person Index (list of all people by name)    <—————————– Click over there for sample!

Click one of the names above for our detailed information on that family. Please check back to see our latest updates!

Disclaimer: The information presented in the Family Trees is the best information that we have at this time. Living persons are not shown. Contact the patriarch’s Team Lead for any questions, comments, or corrections.