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You are encouraged to submit your findings. Please e-mail a brief outline of your errata or addenda and the type of documentation to Leonard Middlebrooks . Please include the Register’s page number and the individual’s reference number for easy identification. Data submitted without this information will not be accepted. Provide reference to sufficient source citations and the name of the person or institution possessing the source information to insure that the submission is verifiable. The final version of your findings will not be published without your approval. Source information will not be published unless we are directed to do so. If you wish to provide copies of your documentation for posting to this site, appropriate links can be provided. The submitting individual’s responsibility is to insure that the information is substantiated by established documentation methods.

Please follow this example when contributing errata or addenda. The subject line should appear with this format: MIDDLEBROOK ADDENDA or ERRATA, the , individual’s name, reference number, and Register’s page number i.e., MIDDLEBROOK ERRATA, John Middlebrook (79), page 64. A brief text statement of addenda or errata and general documentation source should follow, i.e.:


MIDDLEBROOK ERRATA, John Middlebrook (79), page 64


John Middlebrook, Jr. first married Mary Lyon (not Mary Ware) and after Mary Lyon’s death he married Milly Sutton who gave him three sons and one daughter (not two sons and one daughter). Documentation: Book of Marriages, etc…., copies are in the possession of….