Past Reunions

Here is a list of many of the reunions held for different groups of Middlebrook(s) families that meet to renew old ties and enjoy fellowship with other Middlebrook(s) relatives. Please feel free to contact us about posting your reunions on this page.


September 9-11, 2010
 Middlebrooks Family Association

 2010 Annual Meeting -- Macon, Georgia

June 12, 2010
Jacksboro, Texas Middlebrooks' Reunion

The reunion will be on the second Saturday of June at the 
Community Room of the First National Bank, 201 South 
Main Street, Jacksboro, Texas.  

Here is more information
August 13-15, 2009
 Middlebrooks Family Association

 2009 Annual Meeting -- Hope, Arkansas

July 17-19, 2008
 Middlebrooks Family Association

 2008 Annual Meeting -- Hillsboro, Texas

April 29th, 2006
North Louisiana Middlebrooks'
Group Annual Reunion
Chem-a-haut Louisiana State Park, approximately 12 miles north of
Bastrop, LA and 14 miles south of Crossett, AR.

This is a one day event starting around 9 AM and ending no later than 9
PM.  There is an after lunch raffle that provides funds for the next
year's reunion; bring any interesting raffle items. Motel accommodations
may be found in both Bastrop and Cosset and there are also accommodations
for motor homes and campers at the park. Registration fee is one covered

The group welcomes all Middlebrooks relations.

June 10, 2006
Jacksboro, Texas Middlebrooks' Reunion

The reunion will be on the second Saturday of June at the 
Community Room of the First National Bank, 201 South 
Main Street, Jacksboro, Texas.  The gathering will begin 
around 10:00 a.m. and last until??  There will be a covered 
dish luncheon, business meeting, visitation, etc.  A special 
member of the clan is honored each year and sometimes 
an auction is conducted to help defray expenses. All 
Middlebrooks’ are welcome.

July 12-14, 2007
 Middlebrooks Family Association

 2007 Annual Meeting -- Morrow, Georgia

The 2007 meeting will be at the National Archives in Morrow, GA. 
 Dates will be the second weekend; July 12-14th.
Motel reservations: Best Western Southlake Inn, 770-961-6300, 
(reservation rate is $60/day until June 12th, after that $99/day.)
Meeting theme to be announced.

Nov 11, 2006
Sims (b1867) Middlebrooks Family Reunion 
and all Middlebrook/s are welcome.

 Mark your calendar for this annual reunion held 
  on the second Saturday of each November. 

 See you at the:
  Acadian Baptist Center 
  1202 Academy Drive 
  Eunice, LA 70535. 

Registration is $3.00 and bring your favorite covered dish 
 for the famous Covered Dish Luncheon. 
 Meeting time begins around 9 A.M.   
Oct. 22, 2006
‘06 Jarrell Family reunion to be Sunday, Oct. 22

…at the home of Philip & Amelia Haynes, next to Jarrell Plantation State Historic Site, in Jones County, Georgia.  
A meal will be served at 1:00 pm. At 2:30 pm, we will gather at the Jarrell Plantation Visitors’ Center for a 
presentation about “The Jarrells in the Civil War.” We’ll also hear Jarrell Plantation Superintendent, Marty Fleming, 
and his plans for Jarrell Plantation for ’06-’07.

Please reserve your meal ($10/plate) by Tues, Oct. 17, with 

Amelia Haynes 
715 Jarrell Plantation Rd. 
Juliette, GA  31046 

Contact Amelia by phone at 478-986-3972 (please leave a message if necessary), 
by fax at 478-742-5334, 
or by email at 

Please give the name of each person for whom you are making a reservation. 
The person contacting Amelia is responsible for the meal cost of each person
 for whom he/she makes a reservation. 
Hope to see you all!

Philip J. Haynes
Haynes Marketing Network, Inc.
721-B Walnut Street
Macon, GA  31201
478-742-5334 fax