Page 64 (79) John Middlebrooks, Jr. b. 1755

John Middlebrook, Jr., of Brickstore P. O., son of…m. (1),  Mary Ware; m. (2),  Milly Sutton...

 John Jr. b1755 in fact married Mary Lyon first, July 16, 1781 in Caswell County, NC and after Mary’s death,
 married Milly Sutton, who gave him three sons and one daughter not two sons and one daughter 
as recorded in the Register. 

CHILDREN BY FIRST MARRIAGE [with Mary Lyon]:                                    
(179) Zere b. July 4, 1782, d. Apr. 16, 1869                                                 
(180) Anderson Crawford b. Jan. 1, 1784, d. Mch. 16, 1871. 

CHILDREN BY THE SECOND MARRIAGE [with Milly Sutton]                         
(181) David, b1786, d1858.                                                                      
(182) Isaac.                                                                                                 
(___) John.                                                                                                   
(183) Abigail Caroline b. May 9, 1795, d. Sept 3, 1835.  

Page 94, (179) Zere Middlebrook

Zere Middlebrook of...son of...and Mary Ware... should read...and Mary Lyon.

Page 95, (180) Anderson Crawford Middlebrook

Anderson Crawford Middlebrook of...son of...and Mary Ware... should read...and Mary Lyon

Page 96, (181) David Middlebrook

David Middlebrook of...son of...and Mary Ware... should read...and Milly Sutton.

Page 400, Index, add: Lyon, Mary, 64, 94, 95.

Page 408, Index, Sutton, Milly, 64.   Should read: Sutton, Milly, 64, 96.

Page 409, Index, Ware, Mary, 64.   Delete reference to Mary Ware.

Documentation: Marriage bond records dated July 16, 1781, Caswell County, NC, list Mary 
Lyon and John Middlebrooks as bride and groom.   Mary's predeceased her father Robert 
Lyon, who died in 1804.  His grandson, Zere (Zeri), went to CaswellCounty to collect estate 
proceeds for himself, his brother Anderson and his father John.  The estate was not settled 
until 1817,  after the death of Robert's second wife, Rebecca.  Affidavits exist appointing 
various family members to act as Power of Attorney. Two of these records state Zere and 
Anderson Crawford as Robert Lyon's grandsons and are recorded in the Caswell County, NC 
Land and Property Books.  Originals of these documents, in addition to others, are contained 
in the estate file of Robert Lyon in the North Carolina State Archives.  It is not known how 
Mary Ware was originally listed as John Middlebrook's wife.

Documentation: David was not a part of Robert Lyon's will and is not considered his 
grandson.  Having been born prior to Robert's death and not mentioned in his will indicates 
that his mother was other than Mary Lyon and is most probably John's second wife, Mary Sutton.

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