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Why 1755? This helps us to associate each person on the mailing list with others of common ancestry. Additionally most Association members believe that there are five groups of Middlebrook(s) in the United States.

  • One is the Fairfield, Connecticut descendents that moved into Vermont, New York, New Jersey, Ohio and further across the Midwest as well as other northeastern states.
  • Second is the group predominately migrating from Caswell County to and across the southern states. These Middlebrooks are believed to have originated in Maryland.
  • Third is the Nathaniel 1764 and John 1754  groups that are found originating in Virginia. These groups may tie into group 1 or 2, but this is not known at the moment (another of the great mysteries of our family).
  • Fourth is the Joseph Middlebrooks (born about 1770) group.  Our DNA project has identified this group as not related to the other Middlebrooks.  The name may have started from a “farm adoption”.
  • Fifth is the black Middlebrooks group that may be from slave or Caribbean descendants.


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