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Submitted by Bob Middlebrooks, MFA DNA Project Manager

 MFA has officially affiliated with Terry Barton’s (WFN) and our MFA pages

are set up.   We can see that five individuals have solid matches with background links identified with the brothers Isaac, Thomas, and Sims.

 Our MFA DNA project currently has eight test results posted on the web sites that we work with. The site with the most explanatory posting is the WorldFamiliesNetwork with the URL .

This can be used to take you directly to our Y-DNA results page.

 Bob Middlebrooks

 Other Website Updates

 English Family History list of links at

This is from Price & Associates, Inc. and most are free, but some require a fee.  The list of links is divided into categories such as baptism, marriage, and burial indexes, occupations, religious sources, military records, and emigration.

 New from Georgia’s State Website: 1919-27 death certificates.  These are transcribed certificates as well as JPRG images.  The link is


Learning Center Changes at

The Learning Center focuses on the new researcher as well as those who have been researching for some time.  The revamped Learning Center includes numerous short videos, many of which are two to three-minute segments on a particular topic, such as how to read census records.  None of these videos are in-depth tutorials.  Instead, the videos provide an introduction, and then text-based references that lead to more in-depth information appear on the screen.

This revamped Learning Center could be one of the best “unknown bargains” of the Internet.  The Learning Center link is



The Middlebrook/s 2009 Update needs someone to expand the military servicemen and women of our family.  For openers there are approximately 150 Middlebrooks in our National Cemeteries.  These need to be connected to a family line.  A broadband Internet connection is required and a subscription to Ancestry. Com would be helpful.  Contact Leonard at , subject enter MFA.


                          Proposed Agreement Between NARA &

As part of their efforts to make historic U.S. documents and records available to the public, the U.S. National Archives is pursuing partnerships with a number of different organizations. One such proposed partnership is with The Generations Network (TGN), parent company of This proposed non-exclusive agreement means that TGN will pay for all costs involved in the digitization of the documents in return for being allowed to offer them to subscribers at NARA will be able to offer free access to any records digitized under this agreement in NARA research rooms nationwide. NARA is requesting comments about the terms of the proposed agreement. The public is invited to respond and all comments must be received by April 9, 2008.      Hat tip to Dick Eastman for the notice.    For an overview of the draft agreement and a link to the agreement please go to

The Middlebrooks Family Association Inc.

Annual Meeting-Reunion

July 17-19, 2008, Hillsboro, Texas

Dear Middlebrook and Middlebrooks cousins,

Please join us for this year’s reunion in Hillsboro, Texas.  The events and activities will focus on exploring “Our Texas Roots.” Do you know where or when your ancestors first arrived in Texas?  Why did they move to Texas?   Meet your extended family; learn more about our ancestors, share family histories, stories and, of course, those old photographs and documents. 

 Join us for any one day or all three days. Some of the meeting highlights to expect:

 Thursday, July 17, day and evening:

  • Tour of the 1881 MKT Depot, Hill County Cell Block Museum, and Hill County Courthouse
  • Field trip to Texas Heritage Museum, Galleries & Collections, & Historical Research Center
  • Group dinner at a local restaurant

 Friday, July 18, day and evening:

  • Field trip to the old Middlebrooks homestead and cemetery near Hillsboro / Whitney
  • Presentations and discussions about our Texas ancestors
  • Learning about our ancestors from Virginia and North Carolina
  • Middlebrooks DNA Project progress report and future testing
  • Updates on the Middlebrooks Family Register, Cemetery Project, & MFA website
  • Group dinner with guest speaker (TBA)

 Saturday, July 19, day and evening:

Open house to meet and greet other cousins. This is the REUNION DAY; come and go as you wish. 

  • An opportunity to share your own family history and stories
  • Middlebrooks DNA Project and how to participate
  • Time for discussing our family history and learning how to become involved in the Association
  • Group dinner with guest speaker: “The Trials and Tribulations of our Early Texas Ancestors”

 Our meeting will be held at the Holiday Inn Express in Hillsboro.  On the back of this invitation you will find a registration form with hotel information.  If you have questions about the meeting, feel free to e-mail Joyce,, and please make your hotel reservations as early as possible. 

In 2001, the Middlebrooks Family Association (MFA) was established for the sole purpose of preserving our family heritage for future generations.  Whether you are an experienced family researcher, just beginning your family history, or just want to meet other cousins, we hope you will join us this July.


 Leonard Middlebrooks, President,

Neal Middlebrook, Vice President,

Joyce Arnold, Secretary and Treasurer


Registration Form: To help with planning, please complete and mail the form to Joyce Arnold.

 Middlebrooks Family Association, Inc.

2008 Meeting/Reunion Registration Form

Hillsboro, Texas July 17, 18, 19

Motel reservations at the Holiday Inn Express may be made by calling phone # 254-582-0220 and mentioning you will be with the Middlebrook/s Reunion, to get the reunion rate of $75.60 per night. This rate is only good through June 17, 2008.



Phone:                                                  E-mail:

  I will attend (circle days):          Thursday      Friday      Saturday

 A buffet lunch of sandwiches, raw veggies, fruit, chips, drinks, etc will be available on Friday and Saturday. Cost will be $8 per person per day.

 Registration fee is $10.00 for members. 

For non-members $10.00 to register or $20.00 to become an MFA member through Sept. 2009 (includes registration).

 Please mail to: Middlebrooks Family Association Inc., C/O Joyce Arnold, 2904 Trinity Drive, Pearland, TX 77584, or scan and email to


MFA Membership Information: 

 The MFA’s annual meeting, quarterly newsletter, family register update, cemetery and DNA projects provide ample opportunities to become involved in the Association’s events and activities.  Visit our website for more detailed information on the Association’s goals, projects, mailing lists, and history. 

Please consider supporting the MFA by joining.  Our annual membership fee is $20.00 (October thru September).  Send your check to our association’s treasurer:

Joyce Arnold, 2904 Trinity Dr., Pearland, TX 77584.

Hotel Location:

 Hillsboro is on Interstate 35, halfway between the Dallas/Fort Worth area and Waco. Take Exit 368A east onto Highway 22 and go north on the service road to the Holiday Inn Express, 1505 Hillview Drive, Hillsboro, TX 76645 (254-582-0220).