MAZE December 2008


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December 2008 Edition


2009 MFA Annual Meeting

Middlebrook(s) in Arkansas

August 13 – 15, 2009

Hope, Arkansas


MOTEL: Holiday Inn Express,  IH – 30 at N. Hervey St.,  Hope, AR 71801                    870-722-6262

Group Rates of $89.10, plus tax – available until July 13, 2009

MEETING: BancorpSouth Farmhouse, 4 miles south of motel


Southwest Arkansas Regional Archives

Historic Washington State Park

Hempstead County Library, in Hope

Cemetery Exploration in Hope, Hempstead, and Nevada Counties


MFA DNA Project Now is a great time to give a wonderful gift to your Middlebrook(s) family member!

You can order (at reduced group rates!) the Y-DNA test for men, or the mtDNA test for women/or men.  While ONLY the Y-DNA test can be used to trace your Middlebrook(s) connections, the mtDNA test can be used to locate the origin (area of the world) of your mother’s-mother’s-mother (etc) line.

Visit our website for more information.  Click the “DNA Project” link on left side of page, and then click the appropriate “I want to order…” link at the bottom of the DNA page at:


Ongoing Projects

Middlebrook Family Register Update Project If you would like to ensure your ancestors are included in the 2009 Update, please contact your ancestor team leader soon.

Middlebrooks Cemetery Project

The project goal is to preserve and catalog cemetery information of our ancestors for future generations. If you would like to submit any cemetery information or have questions, please contact J. A. Middlebrooks, the project leader, at .

Middlebrooks DNA Project

The project’s goal is to identify the connection of the various Middlebrooks lines. If you would like to participate in our family DNA project, contact Bob Middlebrooks at .

Middlebrooks Military Project

The project goal is to catalog and honor our kinsmen who have served in our country’s colonial, American, and foreign wars for inclusion in the 2009 Update. To contribute data or ask questions, contact Kerry Middlebrooks at .


The MFA Officers and Board members

wish each of you, and your family, a

very merry Christmas and a happy

New Year for 2009!