MFA Meeting Results!

MFA Meeting Results!

The 2017 meeting in Macon, Georgia was a SUCCESS!

Thirty-five were present with almost half of those being brand new attendees. Descendants of Isaac 1753, John 1755, Nathaniel 1764, and Robert 1766 represented the states of Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Rhode Island.



President Bob Middlebrooks and Secretary/Treasurer Kathleen Hunter both gave reports indicating that The Middlebrooks Family Association is alive and well, continuing to pursue MFA’s founding goals and objectives – and ready to embrace new avenues of research, diversity, and unity. J.A. Middlebrooks gave his “cemetery” report.  You’ll find the vast amount of information J.A. manages to be amazing not to mention what he alone contributes to this particular project.

Our “field trip” to the Jarrell Plantation was very informational. We were lucky to have a young lady be our guide who was very knowledgeable about many facets of the area and of the era depicted by the plantation. She interacted well with everyone, especially the children present. Even those of us who had toured the plantation in the past certainly learned a new thing or two.

We had four informative presentations. Our first one, DNA and the Middlebrooks Profile, was presented by Bob Middlebrooks. Along with some very technical talk of DNA, Bob provided a time-line developed by Ian Middlebrook that spans from the 1300s in Europe to Joseph Middlebrook emigrating to America in 1600 to the 1900s including numerous Middlebrook descendants in the United States. Noted as well was the close DNA matches with (t) variations of the Middlebrook name, such as Middelburgh and/or Myddelburghe. Bob encouraged anyone to investigate the autosomal DNA testing.

Bob did double duty as he presented information supplied by Lauren Bavin of New Zealand. Bavin organized a Middlebrook Reunion in Auckland, New Zealand in 2015 with 120 folks in attendance, most of whom were descendants of John Middlebrook of Millbridge Yorkshire. We do have two members of our MFA Y-DNA project who connect with New Zealand and Australian residents. These connections are descendants of Michael Middlebrook (1594-1670). John Farrer Middlebrook and John N. Middlebrook are members of one Y-DNA project. Lauren hopes to repeat such a reunion in 2020.

Alan Marsh, National Park Historian, described the first humans known to inhabit the area around Macon, Georgia. He provided artifacts the early inhabitants used to survive. He then transitioned to early Indian tribes in the area. Alan also addressed how the Indians interfaced with the European immigrants. His blow-gun illustration proved that MFA members are capable of hitting the target.

Nyah Edwards presented “Bridging the Middlebrooks Family.” On a personal note, I discovered this past year, that she and I share great-great-great grandfather Archibald Middlebrook (son of Nathaniel 1674). Nyah gave a lively presentation on the diversity within our family and our need to “renew our oneness as we stand on the shoulders of our ancestors…. leaving a positive legacy for upcoming generations.”

Power-points and/or notes are available for all four of the above presentations. Feel free to get in touch with Bob Middlebrooks or Dale Kidwell, and we will gladly share the information.
Of course, we ate well: Cheddars, Jeaneane’s, Outback Steak House, and the Whistle Stop Café. Special thanks to Jo and Charles Middlebrooks for bringing in lunch on Saturday.

Our by-laws have been amended and will soon appear on the MFA website. Our “amending” committee did a great job. Thanks to Joyce Arnold for getting the ball rolling. Give a big “yee-haw” to Ella Tripp for her coordinating skills.

We noticed quite a bit of collaboration with big notebooks out, computers churning, and flash drives going from portal to portal. During breaks or free time, folks would be huddled together exchanging information and research. One of our new members discovered her ties to the Middlebrooks when she began investigating her biological parents. Some of us even “face-timed” with Jacinta Tucker! Jacinta’s daughter, Angelina, joined us this year. Miss Ruth even got carded in a restaurant.

The Arkansas Girls (Kathleen Hunter, Lucy Meise, Dale Kidwell, and Ella Tripp) are taking the big plunge and sticking their necks out to be your 2018 MFA Meeting hostesses in Jackson, Tennessee on September 27, 28, and 29. Since hosting one of our meetings is an awesome task; we beseech anyone with ideas and/or contacts (in the Jackson area) to share!

We’ll be adding details to our MFA 2018 meeting page  soon!